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Fiber Cement Facade Cladding - Battaramulla

Through-colouredfacade material designed by and for architects
Fibre cement is a cement composite material that consists of cement, cellulose and mineral materials, reinforced by a visible matrix. Nothing else. Through Color Fiber Cement material comes in a maximum panel size of 1,25 x 3m (4´x 10´) and can be transformed in any size or shape in the workshop or on-site. Furthermore, the material can be perforated or printed. Visible and invisible rainscreen fixing methods include riveting, screwing and bonding on metal or wood supporting frames.
Fiber Cement Board is strong and flexible board composed of cement,refined ores,reinforced cellulose fiber as the main materials.It's made of autoclaved process under high temperature and pressure which generates a light-weight,durable and smooth-faced board for various applications of interior and exterior decoration.

It's 100% Non-asbestos and environmental friendly building product.The board is water-proofing and incombustible which makes it more popular in the modern building industry.

Excellent waterproof performance

-Weather resistance

-High impact strength

-High Bending Strength

-Durability and Long lifespan

-100% Non-Asbestos

-Up to Grade A1 In-combustibility
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